Use Film Analytics to win a Bad Robot from SXSW and J.J. Abrams

Use Film Analytics to win a Bad Robot from SXSW and J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams and SXSW want you to make a film with your iPhone. J.J.’s friend, writer and director Andrew Jarecki, even made an app called KnowMe to help you edit it. They’re holding a contest and offering you your very own bad robot if you win. I want to help you win using analytics.Engadget posted an article written by Nathan Ingram about Abrams SXSW interview where he said:

“Everyone in this room has in their pockets a movie studio and a distribution studio.”

He was talking about the democratization of filmmaking made possible with modern technology. Abrams talked about how it used to be that filming a major motion picture required lots of expensive equipment that had to be requested and scheduled from the big studios. Today (well, two-years ago), Abrams was able to shoot parts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in his independent studio, Bad Robot. The price per ability to generate quality video has gone way down. The differentiator is now all about what you can dream up.


Standing on the shoulders of giants


The most creative geniuses of our time cheat and steal to get to the top and you should too. Sure, we don’t really call it cheating or stealing, we call it creativity. But we all know that pure discovery is rare. Real innovation comes when you steal things and combine them or when you use a tool or technique that everyone else feels is cheating. Think about how major studios must have felt about Rocky when it had such success without going about the major studio route.

I started a weekly series on using analytics to make profitable award-winning films and I want you to use it to win a Bad Robot. Go on, cheat. I don’t have details on when the contest officially kicks off or when it ends, but let me know your plans and your problems and I’m sure we can get you that win.

What’s the most bare-bones film you’ve ever made? What advice can you give on shooting quality video on a smartphone?

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