About Me

This is my journey

I got a degree in acting and filmmaking.


Why did I do that?

Because, to compete, I needed to be good.

I wanted to be really legit.

And I was.

I made a few of short films.

Indie stuff, student films, some small parts on big sets.

I worked the stage a little. I loved what I was doing!

I wanted to go bigger.

But I have a family.

I couldn’t just head to mecca like my friends.

And my art wasn’t paying the bills.

So, I had to work a “real” job…

and I had to work a lot.

I was overworked and undervalued.

I desperately wanted to make money AND films.

But how?

Everyone I knew made films for free.

“Investing” in their art, hoping they’d get “discovered.”

So, I got a masters in business

from a school ranked #17 by Forbes in 2013.

I studied analytics, marketing, and finance

and started consulting.

And it occurred to me…

Why don’t I apply what know about business and analytics to filmmaking.

Even the major studios don’t quite get it yet.

That gives us an advantage.




That’s how   BFD Logo was born.

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