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When Analytics Failed Hollywood (It Wasn’t the Analytics Fault)

Back in 2013 there were a lot of films that went bust. Lets review five: 1. RIPD ($130M Budget | $78.3M) 2. Enders Game (Budget $115

3 Ways to Ensure your Script is Worth Making

After the 6th draft of my scifi-horror-dramedy I finally gave up. I threw it on the stack of 10 or 12 other failed story

The Netflix Method: How Film Analytics Can Reduce Formulaic Entertainment and Generate BETTER Art: Part Two

In the last article on The Netflix Method I focused on arguing for the use of analytics in the creative process. I believe that it

Use Film Analytics to win a Bad Robot from SXSW and J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams and SXSW want you to make a film with your iPhone. J.J.’s friend, writer and director Andrew Jarecki, even made an app

How to Make a Profitable Award-Winning Indie Film: Part One – The Idea

  Big data analytics has been emerging as the leading force in all sorts of business functions and industries. There’s marketing analytics, business analytics,

How the Revenant used Big Data as a Movie Audience Feedback Loop

The Revenant used film analytics (biofeedback data analytics) to see if the movie was evoking the right experience.

Will Batman vs. Superman flop or fly?

How film analytics can make the difference between a hit or a flop with your film using Batman vs. Superman as a template.

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