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The Secret to making a Profitable Film (Spoiler: It’s not Hiring Top Box Office Stars)

The MIT Technology Review ran an article in Jan on a data mining project that they conducted to discover what factors were behind successful

Why the Studios are Scared of You (It’s All About the Money)

Graham Jones  wrote this here. Film has become homogenized, production has cheapened, and digital is overtaking tradition distribution. Studio Method Hulu Dramas Netflix Dramas

Film Analytics in Action the Veritas Way

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How to Make a Profitable Award-Winning Indie Film: Part Three – Audience Feedback

This is a unique and fairly foreign concept in the movie industry

Analytics Academy: Learn to use analytics to sell your film

I want to be straight about this post right away. If you didn’t know, Google Analytics Academy is designed to teach you to use

How to Beat the Odds when 99% of Independent Films Fail

There was an interesting turn of events at SXSW 2016, someone told the truth. I don’t mean that in a, “Surprise, a politician told

Five steps to build a Twitter distribution system for your indie film

Twitter is a unique universe. 135,000 new users flock (bird-pun) to twitter everyday for different reasons. Some see it as a news source. Some are trying to network. Others

How to Make a Profitable Award-Winning Indie Film: Part Two – The Script

Probably the most well cited (and most controversial) use of film analytics is in the script. There are numerous companies that are known for using